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  • Wendy Clack

    B2B Tech Copywriter,
    Clack Communications


How to win attention with human-centred content

If your content isn’t driving traffic and winning over potential customers, you’re doing it wrong.

The great news is you can take action TODAY. The magic starts with changing the way you see yourself. Repeat after me: ‘I am not a tech business. I am a human business that helps other humans solve problems through technology.’

Let’s talk about human content that will get your business the attention it deserves.


Wendy Clack is a freelance B2B and technology content writer. She helps businesses earn trust by communicating like a human. She has a master's degree in journalism, and 10+ years of corporate communications experience.

Her clients include LG, the British Medical Association, and City & Guilds. And yep, you do detect an accent. She's lived in England for a decade but can't seem to shake the American twang.

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