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Redefining digital experience with AI driven products

The world at whole is constantly being shaped and reshaped by the technology eco-system that many designers, engineers, problem solvers and the business minded fuel everyday.

As designers and engineers, it’s our nature to keep our finger on the pulse and be part of the pioneering force that issues change. Recently, we saw the boom of the mobile revolution and we’re currently on the doorstep of a new revolution. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will restructure, re-imagine and re-evaluate what is possible when it comes to creating experiences.

I’ll be looking at existing process for design and discussing new methods of adapting process for the introduction of AI with design. AI will open countless doors for usability from making experiences accessible to providing more tailored digital experiences.

- What can AI bring to us as designers?
- How will we adapt?
- How do we utilise AI to create better experiences for users?


Tom's background in product user experience design, conversion and efficiency-focused digital products has lead to the Evident team working on digital solutions for some of the most innovative global blue-chip companies and startups.

From delivering user-focused design solutions for Silicon Valley tech companies to producing digital transformation for enterprise businesses through efficiency-driven design.

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