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Design from the dimension of open-source

Getting into open-source can be intimidating as a designer. It's not something that you can just wake up in the morning and start doing if you've never been a designer before. From a high level, let's 'design' our first open-source project, complete with quick methodologies, tips, tricks, and some extra bits.

This talk was crafted with the aim of lowering some of the barriers for designers to contribute to open-source, how designers can actually contribute to open-source 'live-designing' and providing some direction and resources to help people get started with contributing to design from a realm of open-source.


Shodipo Ayomide is a Senior Developer Advocate, Software Engineer, open-source contributor/builder and Media Developer Expert at Cloudinary, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

He’s an advocate of sharing technical knowledge/resources across conferences and meetups globally around topics like performance, accessibility, PWAs, open-source and more. He loves Family, Advocacy, traveling, PHP and JavaScript.

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