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Making Metrics User-centric

Marketing consent is really important in a post GDPR world.

In this session, Phillippa Carnelly and Sarah marks discus some common practices for gathering user data digitally as well as suggest a few ways you can increase your marketing list in more effective ways. They touch on how marketing goals and UX go hand-in-hand and how you can measure you progress in the right way.


Philippa is a design thinker and creative problem solver. As Senior UX designer at Dell Boomi she focuses on creating visually stimulating user centric interactions through clever design solutions. Experienced at working within several software and digital environments, her keen eye for detail and interest in user behaviour makes UX design the perfect fit.

As host and organiser of Digital Exeter alongside Sarah Marks, Philippa expands her knowledge to build a digital community that is diverse, inclusive and exciting. Her goal for the next year is to create a stronger network, inside and outside of Digital Exeter, through collaboration workshops and skill sharing. Stay tuned!

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